st-paulsKSA is an exciting new soccer program, specifically designed for children aged 3-5. Songs, stories, nursery rhymes and age-appropriate activities are used to introduce basic soccer terms and gross motor movements. We develop an understanding of the game of soccer while introducing fitness and gross motor skills to keep the children engaged and most importantly having fun!

1295 W. Wood • Decatur, Illinois • 429-3472 • sef@decparks.com

Daycare/Pre-schools particitipating in Kids Soccer Adventures(Click on school links below to view KSA pictures!)
ABC Preschool
Decatur Day Care Center
Our Lady of Lourdes
Central Christian Preschool
Holy Family Catholic School
Michael E Baum Elementary School
St. Paul's Early Learning Center
Wee Folks
Pershing Early Learning Center
• Prairie Flower Montessori
St. Patrick School
Southeast Elementary School

What we offer:What the kids get:
• Age appropriate curriculum
• Qualified coach, worked in daycare environment for 4 years
• Promotes development of gross motor skills
• Fun and engaging activities that keep the children interested
• Promotes healthy lifestyle through physical activities
• Shows that your daycare promotes and encourages fitness for your children
• Receive weekly attendance sticker.
• Awarded KSA completion certificate at the end.
• Engaging activities
• Fitness through various fun exercises
• Recognizable stories and songs to accompany soccer activities


Per SessionPer Bundle Price (pay for 5 weeks)Breakdown per week!!
1-10 kids - $40
11-15 kids - $50
16-20 kids - $60
1-10 kids - $125
11-15 kids - $175
16-20 kids - $225
1-10 kids - $125/5 = $25 per week!!
11-15 kids - $175/5 = $35 per week!!
16-20 kids - $225/5 = $45 per week!!

We would like to thank our sponsors: