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What is Juggle ClubJuggle club has been set up to give Midstate Soccer Club players a chance to improve their technical ability and control of the soccer ball. Juggling is not used to evaluate a soccer player’s ability, however it’s a great way to improve their touch and help improve composure. Players will be recognized for their ability to reach required targets.


What do I do: When you have free time and available space practice juggling the soccer ball using your feet only. Other body parts can be used but to do not count to the total score. The turn ends once the ball hits the ground. The score restarts from zero.

 TRY 1000 Touches in 10 minutes!!!

CLICK HERE to download 1000 touches in 10 minutes document.

Things to help/improve:

  • Try catching the ball – if you think the ball is about to fall, catch it. However if you do catch the ball, you will reset from zero (Doing it this way will improve closer control of the soccer ball in the future
  • Only use one foot to juggle – if you feel that one of your feet is weaker than the other practice using just that foot to increase the ability.
  • Alternate feet – try by switching feet to keep the ball in the air (left, right, left, right, left and so on) if you use the same foot twice do not count that touch.
  • Be honest with yourself, do not add on extra touches. You want to be able to reach an attainable score.

Print the self evaluation scorecard here!!!

Read the Juggle Club Rules here!!