We believe that the heart of soccer is the health of local clubs. Local clubs inspire passion for the sport by creating lifelong relationships, developing essential infrastructure for future generations, supporting coaches, referees, and players, and making soccer an integral part of the local community and economy. We therefore seek to provide the challenges and personal opportunities our most ambitious players demand as they pursue goals such as winning state titles and college recruitment while continuing to grow local clubs.

The Illinois Alliance is a joint venture between Illinois Futbol Club and MidState Soccer Club. The DOCs of the two clubs will share final decision-making authority in all matters. Additional coaches and administrators will be added with the goal of a 50/50 split in responsibility and opportunity.

The Illinois Alliance will register teams made up of players from both IFC and MidState. These teams are meant to be supplemental to their respective club teams rather than in place of. Illinois Alliance teams will seek to train together when possible during the course of the club season (spring and/or fall) before more regular training during club off seasons. For example, a U16 Girls team for Illinois Alliance might train together once a month from August to October, then train multiple times in November before attending one or more tournaments during the winter. That same team might then resume training in the summer. Members of the Illinois Alliance team would still train weekly and attend tournaments with their respective club teams.