Midstate’s indoor recreational soccer leagues are for players who prefer casual matches rather than those that are intensely competitive.


Deadline – October 26th 2018 (early deadline fee $545 by October 15th)

Adult431232-42Nov. 1 - Dec. 14Th/Fr
HS Boys431232-43Nov. 10 - Dec. 22Sat
HS Girls431232-44Nov. 11 - Dec. 23Sun


Deadline – January 3rd 2019 (early deadline fee $545 by December 23rd

Adult431232-45Jan. 10 - Feb 15Th/Fr
HS Boys431232-46Jan. 12 - Feb 16Sat
HS Girls431232-47Jan. 13 - Feb 17Sun

Location: DISC,W.Wood St, Decatur, 62522                                                                                                                                                                                                          Fee: $595/team after Oct. 15/Dec. 23 (includes $50 non-resident fee; teams reimbursed after non-residents determined)

Rosters, waivers, and entry fee must be submitted at time of registration.  Registration forms may be picked up at the DISC, or phone 429-3472 to have one mailed.  A maximum of 6-8 teams per league will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  4 teams will be necessary to form a league.  Team representative must pay in full at registration (individuals cannot pay towards team fee separately)

Adult 2nd session schedules

2nd session HS Girls Indoor Schedule

2nd session HS Boys Indoor Schedule

HS Adult Indoor Rules updated 20182019

 Click for Indoor Roster & Waiver

2018/2019 Winter Indoor participants